RobotiX is the hardware ( IoT) which is deployed in farm field to sense environment conditions & soil conditions and upload data into eXabit’s Cloud server. RobotiX also has capability to run electronic devices like, valves, motors, ventilators, motorized screens, etc. Once data is uploaded into cloud Server, TactiX platform takes care of it and churns it into valid actionable information for users to see across various modules of the application.


This is eXabit’s On-field Friend for Farmers & Growers; IoT not only allows them to check Data, Read out Information but also, take precautionary steps or execute needed action on field at an ease. RobotiX is made to Bring farmland to agriculturist doorsteps. This enables farmland level real-time information to control field level processes & equipment’s. RobotiX empowers farmers with more control & information on the Crop, Increases farmland productivity & optimizes labor, decreases manual labor, decreases operational cost, save natural resources, it also helps to bring better Yield & profitability to the farmer.


The new eFarming way of doing agriculture is a flagship product of eXabit with a complete Design in India & Make in India tag. This module helps farmers/growers/co-operative society, community farmers, farmer clubs, contract farming, corporate farming & next gen farming entrepreneurs to use latest technologies, Technologies like cloud platform & internet, mobile phones to plan, execute, monitor & control their crop management processes at finger tips.