India being an Agri-economy and majority of the contribution to GDP comes from Agri and allied sector. When analyzed Agri-data across various other agricultural nations, we find a bigger gap when compared to per hectare yield. Further analysis makes us understand that the approach we follow makes the difference. To grow more, we have to understand crop science, adapt to the climate change & sustainable agri practices.


An IoT device, which captures micro-climatic data, soil condition data & real-time controls to make it conducive for a better crop growth. RobotiX is made with tremendous amount of research and field trials, capable to withstand varied weather conditions. Made for both open-field and hi-tech farming, RobotiX is moving closer towards a cognitive IoT solution.

Software platform that comes with different modules for managing post harvest and pre-harvest processes. Modules help in management of distribution, logistics, inventory, storage, and billing are few to highlight about. Dynamic reporting and analysis helps in keeping a tap on what is happening within your enterprise.

TactiX” & “RobotiX” in tandem gives agri Organizations a helping hand to grow quality produce, follow transparent business processes and create satisfied customers.

TactiX Mobile App comes handy with access to all your farm data anywhere. Benefiting field force to interact and update crop information on the go.