One stop page to track your crop, understand progress, monitor health, understand ambient and soil condition, act based on local weather forecast. Manage your crop from anywhere through our smart app. Monitor and analyze the field conditions, crop status and weather details of your farm field anytime.

The app is design to address your daily operational data entry in farm where farmer can entry  and analyze them for future forecasting.

Progress Update

You can track crop daily health checkup, weed control activity, irrigation status through our app and monitor them anytime.

Expense Tracking

Track your on the fly expenses anytime for any field related activities. Settlement of farmer and contractors can be also done through our system. Our accounting module support multi currencies and multi provider entries at a particular invoice.

Weather Tracking

We provide 7 days forecast and 7 days historical data anytime in the app. This also alert for any weather disaster or heavy intensity weather changes.


Live Farm Condition

Monitor the micro climatic data like ambient temperature, humidity, soil temperature, soil moisture and many more through our RobotiX integrated farms.

Compare through SME seeded ideal condition to current condition anytime for immediate decision making on farm field.

Geo fencing Land

Geo-fencing land is an essential feature to track the field usage and productivity estimation in cultivation process. This also give an insight of GIS based representation of you nuclear farm field.