Analyze crop condition to understand how good crop is maintained during complete crop cycle. This enables to preempt quality of produce and yield well in advance. This analysis also helps in maintaining GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) standards.

System enables to produce following type of analysis reports for better decision making

  • Ambient conditions Analysis
  • Soil Conditions Analysis
  • Resource usage Analysis. (Crop/Farmer/Location Wise)
  • Yield Analysis. (Crop/Farmer/Location wise)
  • Expense Analysis
  • Farmer Analysis
  • GIS based Farmer & Crop Search
  • GIS based drill down till Farmland Level
  • RobotiX Automated Action Taken Analysis
  • Field Condition Alerts Via SMS
  • Farm field GEO-Tagging
  • Farmland Survey Analysis
  • Automatic Field & Crop Imaging at 3-images/day rate
  • Regional-language/Multi Lingual Mobile App.
  • Mobile Android Based App for easier Alert & Notifications Management
  • GEO Fencing of lands

Our major thought process behind “TactiX” & “RobotiX” is to provide Agri Organizations & Progressive Farmers a helping hand to grow better quality produces, bringing field level tracking, transparent business process implementation, create satisfied customers and expand the brand globally.