We develop and adopt new Eco-friendly technologies for increasing crop productivity. Since long, it has been recognized that crops and soils are not uniform within a given field. The potential of precision farming for economic and environmental benefits could be visualized through reduced use of agricultural inputs such as water, fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. Increasing productivity and sustainability.

We focus on Smart Sensing & Monitoring, Smart Control & Smart Analytic technologies to enable Precision Agriculture for mass.

Our Hi-Tech Farming as a Service (HaaS) & Out-right sales for Agro-based Enterprises; with the Crop Analytic, Farming Extension Services, Crop Advisory, Farmer & Field Digitization along with Real-Time based Farm Automation gives us the leading edge to serve our Customer across all segment of Individual grower till Enterprise/ Commercial Agri Organizations with the help of latest technologies. (Cloud,Mobile & IoT).

Our Product – Platform:

RobotiX-IoT Platform: A Cloud Based IoT Agri Tech Platform, Enabling Smart Precision Agriculture.

India is an agrarian country. Indian agriculture accounts for almost 14 per cent of GDP and employs 52 per cent of the population. It is very important but under performing sector. To meet the forthcoming demand and challenges.

We have built; geographic positioning system (GPS)-based agriculture, site-specific and precision farming which includes computer-oriented technologies, agricultural decision support software, sensors and monitoring systems, GPS and mapping systems, predictive modelling technologies and imaging, etc.

Our RobotiX IoT Platform Enables Precision Agriculture Platform offers the potential to automate and simplify the collection and analysis of information. It allows management decisions to be made and quickly implemented on small areas within larger fields.

Our Primary Differentiator:

We work to enable smart precision agriculture for mass using the power of IoT, Cloud & Mobile Technologies.

Our platform is built to solve problems of Developing Agri-Economies for both Individual growers & Commercial Agriculture in following areas;

  1. Fragmented land Management
  2. Irrigation Planning & Automation
  3. Seed R&D
  4. Sustainable Practices
  5. Mechanization
  6. Supply chain management

GIS and Map Based Search: eHarvest Module allows Corporate Farming, Community Farming, Contract Farming, Farmer Clubs & Co-operative societies to Track & Manage their Farmers/Growers on GIS. It helps the Higher Management Plan, Track & Predict Cropping details at a faster pace. Distribution, Production, Demand & Supply can be known at fingertips for Thousands of Farmers & Farmlands.

Reports: One of the prominent module of TactiX. This is a one stop Analysis for entire Data being captured in TactiX. Graphical reports are available for users to view and take inference. Historical Data reports help in analyzing a particular farm over a different crop cycles and time period.

Farmer Management: This helps in managing all your farmers and their farmlands. May it be individual, contractual or progressive farmers, all can be managed in our system. Farmer document management is another part, which digitizes all kind of documents of the field and farmer’s as well. Geo Tagging of farmlands helps at MIS level.

Agri-Input Management: Inputs to your crop and land can be tracked and monitored; this helps in planning your stocks well in advance and planning your procurement timing. This enables in swifter decision making while disbursement and procurement.

Pre-Harvest Cropping Process planning: Our system allows you to define cropping process and this can be standardized over time. Each successful process is stored forever for a future look. At any point of time one can go back and see how it was done and can replicate same procedure for any new land.

Cropping Process Tracking: One stop page to track your crop, understand progress, monitor health, understand ambient and soil condition, act based on local weather forecast.

Farmland Tracking: Our system is capable to geo tag farmlands; so that any time you can track crop stage and progress status on map directly.This helps in getting status on the fly for all of your farms and plan sales as your harvest projections.

Expenses Tracking: Application provides mechanism to input all your expenses for a farm. This helps in keeping track of daily expenses done for the farm, per stage. These provide a guideline on optimal usage of resources and give an option to control it.

Yield Management: Harvested yields are maintained to enable users to see how much yield has been there for a particular crop. This can be tracked at farmer and farmland level. This helps in understanding overall crop performance and resource performance.